Ambitious Vision

Leading government entity creates an integrated government structure of synergy and partnerships by positioning the country amongst the most advanced nations in the world through a dedicated focus on specific priorities including building a strong nation that is characterized by its ability to preserve itself, developing its human capital for the creation of a strong and resilient economy, creating a harmonious and cohesive community that enjoys a high standard of living in a safe and sustainable environment.

Enhancing Wellbeing

Leading government entity generates outcomes that delight stakeholders, enhance the wellbeing of citizens and contribute to the sustainable success of the nation. It recognizes that the ultimate purpose is to enhance the wellbeing of the nation and constantly challenges itself to make an exceptional contribution and inspire others to elevate and enhance global standards, actively contributing to the world’s ecosystem as a role model of excellence.

Leadership at the Helm

Leading government entity creates a dynamic and positive leadership mindset to support improvement and development through exploiting future possibilities and having the required resilience and adaptability in embracing successful governmental work models to achieve the ambitious goals and strengthen the competitive capability of the entity. It focuses on leadership commitment in driving the government entity through disruptive innovation and pioneering thinking to achieve and sustain a leading position.

Anticipating and Adapting

Leading government entity harnesses innovation, agility and adaptability to ensure sustainable success. It has the ability to anticipate threats and challenges within the operating environment and take appropriate actions to mitigate risks and exploit new opportunities to establish a leading position. It exploits knowledge, learning and creativity to generate ideas and transform them to solutions that generate stakeholder benefits. It creates an environment where people are encouraged to take the risks, and learn from mistakes to achieve organizational transformation.

Inspiring Confidence

Leading government entity establishes robust governance structure that creates confidence for all stakeholders. It defines and lives by a clear set of values, based on ethical behaviors, trust, transparency and integrity. Leaders are accountable to all stakeholders for the actions and performance of their organization.

Embracing the Ecosystem

Leading government entity generates added value for stakeholders by collaborating and partnering effectively with other entities and others (outside the government) within its ecosystem. It maps the ecosystem of external stakeholders to understand their capabilities and how they support the achievement of the entity’s strategy. It establishes collaborative win-win relationships that create mutual benefits and breaks the silos between government entities to create seamless shared services that benefit citizens.

Outcome-Based Measurement

Leading government entity uses timely, accurate, reliable and relevant information to understand its operating environment, monitor progress of strategy and support decision making at all levels. It consolidates relevant data, information and knowledge to develop future scenarios, gains insights, generates new possibilities and mitigates risk. The ultimate aim is to guide performance towards the generation of high-level impacts on what really matters to stakeholders.

Benefits Realization

Leading government entity maximizes the return on investment through optimizing the efficiency and effectiveness of all its activities to maximize stakeholder benefit considering the balance between the resources required and the financial and non-financial benefits that will be generated for the nation. It evaluates the return on investment to ensure the predicted benefits are achieved and to identify the unintended benefits and impacts within the ecosystem. The primary benefits are in terms of establishing a highly efficient, lean and able government to respond to the changing needs of community with flair agile responses and a caring attitude. The additional benefits are in the form of distinctive capabilities and the mastery of modern enabling technological developments to remain relevant and sustainable.

Leading Government

Leading government entity competes against the toughest standards globally to reach the summit through the success in its core activities and by building distinctive capabilities utilizing smart enablement to create opportunities for partnerships, connectivity and leveraging. The dynamic nature of the entity ensures learning and development constantly to rejuvenate and preserve the longevity and sustainability.

Transformational and Disruptive Mindset

Leading government entity establishes a leadership mindset that is intent on creating a high momentum of anticipation, adaptation, disruption and delivery through incessant experimentation, acceleration and implementation of novel ways to guide the furtherance of what can be made possible and what will help maintain a government competitive advantage. Ensuring that government thinking is based on future foresight and future orientation.